Today’s Update

And last nights…so added a few old stories under Library of Stories and under Multimedia I added my thoughts as to Disney/Marvel using the late Stan Lee’s Twitter account to promote Captain Marvel…and how well that seems to be going. (Spoiler: It’s not, it’s tacky, and there was a better more respectful way to do it…but no doubt some Marketing a-hole thought it was an awesome idea because any publicity=good publicity).

Three Stories Added

Versus the Mind Reader – a story from the future where fighting a telepath is probably the last thing you want to do.
Just Another Airport Story – a future flash fiction about airports and space travel to Mars.
If Hell is Other People, What’s Heaven Like Wishes, Genies, and a short fiction about someone who was genre savvy.
All under Library of Stories – they’re older stories I wrote; I gave them another editorial pass.

1 Minute Book Review

Find this under Multimedia, and the funny thing about me doing the review and reading the book. As I was returning it to the library, I was ruminating about how my life had changed since being diagnosed with ADHD and being prescribed medication. It’s hard to see the change in yourself from day-to-day….oh, sure, friends have said I seem quieter, more relaxed, not hogging the conversation, etc. etc. However, I realized for the first time in YEARS I’d read a book cover-to-cover. This wasn’t an easy read either. So yeah, I’m happy about that.