Ducks & Airports – Two short flash fiction

So this week – as things are getting busy for me – I recorded two short fictions to my podcast channel. One was inspired by a Gary Larson “Far Side” cartoon on the irrational fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is watching you. The other was a futuristic “slice of life at the airport” scene.

So. Links are as follows:
Click here: Text version of “Watch the Waterfowl”
Click here: Text version of “Just another Airport Story”
Click here: My Podbean page and this episode with both stories

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Alone Plague Journal – new fiction

Introducing The Alone Plague Journal – a new fiction series. I’ve posted it on my Podcast page, the text of it (and bonus links to the YouTube songs) on the Library page. Podcast available through Podbean (also on iTunes and Google Play).

This is a work in progress and a fictional account of one person’s perspective of the global pandemic; I will also weave in other characters and a storyline through the Journal. It’s kinda based on what I’m observing in the world, but also I’m extrapolating trends, ideas, characters (e.g. decided one character would be a bit of a conspiracy nut). Enjoy. Follow me here, on Social Media, download the podcasts, and if you like, support me through my Ko-fi account.