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About Me (Related – why I have no tattoos)

Having read 2 previous versions of this blurb, I made a connection to tattoos. Years ago, a sweet guy I was dating mentioned my lack of tattoos, adding “…most guys from North American have them.”

First, my bias – I grew up in a time & place when to have a tattoo was to be considered “dangerous”, “rebellious”, “an outlaw” and therefore to get one generally was seen as undesirable. Well, I was already gay, aboriginal, and on my way to being an atheist, so while I acknowledge my fortunate privilege to pass as white and to pass as straight* while avoiding discussing religion in public conversation…I decided life would be better if I didn’t get a tattoo.

But…I think the real reason I didn’t get a tattoo is I knew what I loved at one moment in time would change. Perhaps it was also my ADHD and how I dealt with it**, or as I told others “Oh, no, there is no way I could sit still that long for a tattoo.” Perhaps that bias against tats is strong in me (I’m aware it’s there and actively fight against it if part of me starts to judge someone), or perhaps nothing resonated with me strong enough to get a tattoo.

What does this have to do with your bio here you may ask.

Okay. It may change. Right now, I can say I’m an anti-Nihilist. What that means is I accept a philosophy where chances are pretty damn good that nothing we do in this vast and huge universe matters; however, if that’s the case all that matters is what we do. I accept reality as it is, and I aim to not cling to pain, to endure the bad, to enjoy the good and not expect happiness. I try to be nice to my fellow human to get those warm fuzzies not as a reward, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Yeah, I’m not perfect. I’ve probably pissed off someone here and there.

The thing is…truth is subjective, and no one cares. So…my caution to you: if you don’t like what you read here, that’s your choice. Go somewhere else then…there are plenty of cute puppy and kitten videos you can go watch to put a smile on your face. Unless you know me in person and are willing to have an adult conversation and exchange of ideas, along with accepting that even after said conversation, you and I may still have opposing viewpoints. Therefore, getting into an argument, making it all about you, trying to shill for your own shit, insulting or mocking me…. it’s a waste of time. It’s a super waste of time if you accept the one thing we can all say for sure – all we have is this moment (and this moment, and this moment) in time.

If you like what you see…great. Tell other friends who may like my views. Follow me. And eventually when I get off my ass, I’ll have forms for you to give feedback.

I kind of know the kind of life I want to design. I kind of know I’m a writer. I’m starting to put this all together, but life is about growth and change, and I want to always push myself to grow and be bigger than I was the moment before.

😊 February 11, 2019.

*To those friends who know me in real life, yes, I can hear you giggling over this one. Shh.

**Why, yes, I’m on meds, was also fortunate that while I wasn’t formally diagnosed with ADHD until the last year or so, I developed positive coping mechanisms like meditation, eating healthy, physical fitness, and avoiding medicating myself with drugs.