Poetry on Sports

This new poem, Panem et Circenses (Iterum), all came out pretty much last Friday night as the Raptors basketball team out of Toronto won some championship or other. People cheering “We the North” and generally losing their minds. Sports go sports! [rolls eyes]. Anyhow, it’s new poetry, and in the next day or so I’ll post it to Instagram, do an audio clip with the words on YouTube, and update this post with links.

Some Poetry Today, and…

New poem by Evan Kayne, and a book review

This morning I was reading a collection of Pablo Neruda poetry. Something clicked in me. So I wrote a quick poem titled “I Do All This” under Library of Stories. It will also be available on Instagram, Facebook, and maybe later on YouTube.

As well, following after it is a review I did on The Inheritance of Shame by Peter Gajdics...you can also see this review at Good Reads…which I would link to, but as they won’t let me link directly to my review, here’s the link to it on my site.

Video and pictures

Today just a photo shoved under Multimedia, but if you ever wonder what the red squiggly lines are when you’re typing in most programs, this picture is for you. Learn it, love it.

Also – a YouTube link to a video I made years at a the Calgary Comic Expo, if you need a short laugh. And a warning about the dangers of Parrot Snorfling!

Today’s Update

And last nights…so added a few old stories under Library of Stories and under Multimedia I added my thoughts as to Disney/Marvel using the late Stan Lee’s Twitter account to promote Captain Marvel…and how well that seems to be going. (Spoiler: It’s not, it’s tacky, and there was a better more respectful way to do it…but no doubt some Marketing a-hole thought it was an awesome idea because any publicity=good publicity).